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About Me

 Hi! I'm Ishita Parakh. I am a musician who loves to teach and I want to help those who wish to learn Western Vocal Rock and Pop Music, Western Vocal Classical Music and Western Music Theory.


Music has always been something I've been passionate about and have continuously strived to improve my skills in, professionally. Therefore, as of now, I have secured

  • a Grade 8 RSL Certification in Western Rock and Pop Vocal Music, 

  • a Grade 6 Trinity School of Music Certification in Western Classical Vocal Music

  • a Grade 4 RSL Certification in Music Production

  • 3 Musicianship specialization course certificates from the Berklee College of Music 

 All of these certifications have also qualified me to teach music theory up to a level that covers all fundamentals a musician would need to know, in order to make great music.

I plan to continue learning, creating new music and securing more certifications in this field. 

You can find my work on Instagram under the handle @ishita.parakh and on Youtube under the channel Ishita Parakh.

I hope to meet you in our online class soon and help you learn the subject you are interested in! 

See you! 


How It Works


Western Rock & Pop Music

Western Classical Music

Music Theory

Tutoring Rates 

One on One Lessons:

(1 session(ss) = 45 min) 

W. Rock and Pop: ₹500/ss ($8/ss)

W. Classical: ₹750/ss ($10/ss)

Music Theory: ₹450/ss ($6/ss)


Refer to Bookings Section to book the time suitable for you.

Group Lessons (2 or more) 

W. Rock and Pop: ₹360/ss ($6/ss)

W. Classical: ₹600/ss ($8/ss)

Music Theory: ₹400/ss ($5/ss)



Contact Me

I'm based in India and I’m teaching online.

Skype ID: ishitaparakh / Email: learnwithishita@gmail.com

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